An Update on Some of the Companies Collaborating in the Calais Eviction

The Calais Research Network has created a list of some of the many companies that profited off of the eviction in the last weeks, razing the camp and dispersing people across France. This is an update to the longer list of companies implicated in Calais border violence that the group released last month.


A subsidiary of VINCI, the SNH (Sogea Nord Hydraulics), has again played a major role in evicting the jungle, destroying people’s shelters and clearing the rubble of those that had already burned. The company served the same function during the eviction of the south part of the camp earlier this year. According to the CGT Union of VINCI, which publicly opposed the company’s role in the eviction, workers were advised to wear neutral clothes during the destruction of the camp so that they wouldn’t be recognised in the media.

Now that thousands of people have been displaced from Calais, some of the police forces involved have been freed up again. The threat of eviction still hangs over ZAD, where VINCI has long hoped to construct an airport. The eviction there was purported to have been postponed due to the difficulty of organizing two major eviction operations simulataneously. A similar strategy as seen in Calais has been planned for ZAD, however. Around the jungle, a special zone was announced barring all unauthorised persons from entry, making the camp into a playground for the police to test out new repressive tools for accelerating the state’s response to ‘infractions’ against order.

Sorting Centre

Joly Location
Address: 353 CD 940 Bleriot Plage 62231
Joly rented out the warehouse nearby the jungle that was converted into a sorting center for sending people on buses throughout France. The company generally provides equipment such as bulldozers and building material in the area (but we are not aware of any of their equipment being used in the eviction).

Transport to CAOs

Local bus companies organised trips from the jungle to centres throughout France also profited from the evictions, leading local newspaper La Voix du Nord to cynically praise the eviction for its contribution to the local economy.
The companies below were legally requisitioned by the prefecture to provide buses for the eviction, with funding coming from OFII. (See here, here, here, and here) :

Littoral Nord Autocar
251 Avenue Henri Ravisse
62730 MARCK

Voyages Moleux
ZI de l’inquieterie
24 rue de la Capelle
62 280 Saint Martin Boulogne
Tel. : 03 21 10 34 34

Autocars PORTAL
ZI. des Dunes Chemin du Pont Trouille 62100 Calais
Tel.: 03 21 35 13 79
06 09 62 51 45
Fax: 03 21 82 32 70

Voyages Inglard
Route Départementale 943, 62921 Aire-sur-la-Lys, France
Tel.: 0321954430

Made Tourism
Route de Bourbourg
62162 Vieille-Église

Voyages Cattteau
BP 357 – 59463 Lomme cedex / Locaux : Avenue des Marronniers – 59840 Pérenchies
Tel.: 03 20 92 45 11 – Fax 03 20 22 01 45

We have also spotted buses from:

Delgrange voyage
22 Boulevard Sainte-Barbe, 59122 Dunkerque, France

Mariot Voyages
2, rue de la Paix, 59480, La Bassee, France

Voyages Mullie
Address: 246 Rue de Condé, 62160 Grenay, France
Tel.: +33 3 21 29 02 36


L’Oiseau Bleu

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